Engine Mounting

Engine Mounting

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Genuine Volkswagen Part, new and unused Engine mounting, Right side, will suit:


VW Beetle         2002-2005        1.8ltr  180hp   petrol      AWP,BNU engine code

VW Beetle Cabrio    2003-2010   2.0ltr 115hp  petrol      AZJ,BDC,BGD,BEV  engine code

VW Beetle Cabrio    2003-2010   2.0ltr 150hp  petrol      AWU,AWV,BKF engine code

VW Golf            2002-2006         1.8ltr  180hp  petrol   6spd Manual   AUQ engine code

Audi S3            1997-2003         1.8ltr   209hp petrol   6spd Manual   APY,BAM,AMK engine code

Audi A3            1997-2003          1.8ltr  180hp petrol   6spd Manual   APP,AJQ,ARY engine code 

Audi A3            1997-2003         1.8ltr   150hp petrol   6spd manual   AUM,ARX,AGU,AQA engine code

Audi TT            1999-2006         1.8ltr   180hp petrol     AJQ,APP,AUQ.ARY engine code

Audi TT            1999-2005         1.8ltr   225hp petrol     APX,BAM  engine code

Audi TT            1999-2005         1.8ltr   150hp petrol     AUM  engine code


If you are interested in the part, but are unsure of fitment, then please email us and we will be happy to help.


Limited stock available, it is a bargain.






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