Genuine VW Water pump

Genuine VW Water pump

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Genuine new and unused VW additional water pump, for use with vehicles:

Audi S3        1997-2003       1.8ltr petrol         (APY/ AMK/ AUL/ BAM engines)

Audi S4        1997-2001       2.7ltr petrol  6cyl   (AGB/ AZB engines)

Audi A6        1999-2001       2.7ltr petrol  6cyl   (AJK/ ARE/ BES engines)

Audi TT        1999-2006       1.8ltr petrol         (APX/ BAM/ BFV engines)

VW Beetle    2006-2010      1.8ltr petrol         (AWU engine)

VW Bora       2002-2005      1.8ltr petrol         (AUM/ AGU/ AUQ engines)  5spd Automatic.

VW Golf        2002-2005      1.8ltr petrol         (AUM/ AUQ/ AGU engines)  5spd Automatic.







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